Transform your concrete

What is the Stratec PolishFast? 

PolishFast is an accelerated concrete polishing system designed for large open floor plans. In fact, it is THE FASTEST polished concrete service for commercial, industrial or any open space floor . Our system polishes 24ft2 -48ft2 of floor at time, allowing us to fully complete up to 10,000ft2 of concrete flooring per day. 

Imagine your 50,000 ft2 warehouse completely polished to a salt and pepper finish and sealed in 5 days. 

PolishFast floors perform exactly like grind and polished floors because they are grind and polished. We complete the exact same steps as traditional grind and polished floors. We work, generally, from a 25 grit grind to a 3000 grit finish. The only difference is that we cover more square feet than traditional machines. 

Just like traditional polished concrete, you have many finish options to choose from. From aggregate exposure to smoothness to shine, you can design your floor as per your individual needs.

Polished concrete is usually a price prohibitive option for most open space projects. With our fast processing time, we are able to cut down labor costs and offer significant cost savings. With a faster completion time than epoxy, project owners enjoy even further cost savings as we can complete our work with other construction activities taking place in the same space. 

PolishFast: Endless Possibilities

What are the PolishFast Benefits?

Hardened Concrete

Concrete is densified, hardening the top layer for additional strength and scratch/damage resistance.


PolishFast Floors have the same beautiful finish, reflection and shine as traditional polished concrete. 


Polished concrete has the cheapest lifetime cost of any floor option. PolishFast further brings down the cost for larger floor sizes.


Whether you have a garage, warehouse or commercial space, PolishFast can add great value to your space.


Polished concrete is extremely environmentally friendly to both the natural environment and to the health of your customers and employees

Low Maintenance

After completion, floors can be cleaned with simply water and burnishing is unnecessary for long periods of time. 
  • Interested in PolishFast for your next project? Download the brochure!

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    Discover Stratec's PolishFast system: Complete polished concrete at a rate of 10,000 sqft per day.
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