Transform your concrete

Understanding Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing can transform a drab concrete floor into an amazing design feature that rivals the look of other finishing choices. Polished concrete floors are very versatile and require the least amount of maintenance of any floor type. Because of lifetype cost, polished concrete is the cheapest flooring option for all building types, including residential homes/cabins.

What can you expect from a polished concrete floor?  
    • Seamless Beauty
    • Numerous Choices in Finishes
    • Safe Non-slip Surface – even on the shiniest of finishes
    • Low Maintenance
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Long Lifespan
    • Solutions for All Budgets

Aggregate Exposure

The look of your concrete is bound only by your imagination. There are only two decisions that absolutely have to be made: the level of aggregate exposure and the finished sheen.

A Cream Finish, the most industrial finish, reveals no sand or other aggregate. It is a subtle finish of textures and colours derived from a predominantly cement-based surface. The process behind achieving Salt and Pepper and Full Aggregate finishes is very different and involves layers of the concrete surface being progressively removed, initially revealing the finer sands and stones (for Salt and Pepper), before reaching the larger stone below (for a Full Aggregate finish).
Cream Polish
Salt and Pepper
Medium Aggregate 
Large Aggregate

Polished Concrete: Endless Possibilities

Grind, Dyed and Polished
Deep Aggregate Exposure
Adapted PolishFast System

Want Some Colour? 
You Have A Rainbow of Options

Why Polished Concrete?

Hardened Concrete

Concrete is densified, hardening the top layer for additional strength and scratch/damage resistance.


Beautiful and practical finish: light reflection, dust-proofed,  scratch and water resistant. 


Polished concrete has the lowest lifetime cost of any flooring option in both installation and maintenance costs.


Whether you have a garage, warehouse or commercial space, Polished concrete is  a fantastic option. 


Polished concrete is extremely environmentally friendly to both the natural environment and to the health of your customers and employees.

Low Maintenance

After completion, floors can be cleaned with simply water and burnishing is unnecessary for long periods of time. 
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