Transform your concrete


STRATEC Ltd is your concrete flooring specialist, providing services throughout the prairie provinces. Our company serves clients of all sizes across all spaces including corporate offices, industrial facilities, business warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, schools, residential garages, basements and many more. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their goals, provide a variety of professional solutions to choose from, and deliver the highest quality finished floor possibly. Stratec is committed to providing its clients with reliable, efficient, hassle-free, affordable, and superior flooring solutions. Our team is focused on two things: consistently delivering untouchable workmanship and maintaining great relationships with our many clients. We pride ourselves in offering a superior experience in all areas of our business, and continuously aim to surpass our customers' expectations.


Our mission is to provide clients with first-in-class flooring solutions in an economical and efficient manner. In order to do that, we allocate a tremendous amount of energy on being prepared, which includes: information gathering, organization and open communication with your key personnel.


Nothing builds experience like time. in all areas of our business, and continuously aim to surpass our customers expectations. Our extensive range of services and variety of clients allows us to continually develop innovative and creative solutions, one client at a time.


We believe that responsibility is the cornerstone of success. We treat every project as if it is our signature project - because it is. Each project is a judgment on our capabilities. So, we own our work, every step of the way. Whether you are a one time client or we have a long standing relationship, we make sure that "the buck stops here".


  • What is Your Service Area?

    We service all of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario. For the right project, we will work in other provinces and territories.

    Are your products environmentally friendly ?

    Yes. Polished concrete floors are exceptionally environmentally friendly. For applications that require coatings or chemicals, we use low VOC products unless the client requests a specific product.

    How long does it take to complete a polished floor ?

    Each project is unique and the time it takes complete depends entirely on the scope. However, we have very unique toolings that allow us to work faster than what is considered conventional.
  • What is the average cost for a polished floor ?

    Pricing depends on many factors, including the condition of the floor, the size and, of course the desired outcome. You can use Google to determine the average range of pricing but for a general polished floor, pricing can range from $2.25 to $12/ft 2.

    Do you charge for onsite consultation ?

    There is no charge for the onsite initial consultation within. Outside of Winnipeg but within Manitoba, the charge is $250. For locations outside Manitoba, the charge is $750/day. In all cases, the cost of the consultation is applied as a credit should the project proceed.

    How soon can you begin my project ?

    Every project requires adequate planning. We require time to set up your project for success. In certain situations, we can begin almost right away but plan for at least 1-3 weeks for project lead time.
  • Can every concrete floor be polished?

    In 95% of cases, your concrete floor can be polished, however, the condition of your floor can limit the finishes possible and will of course affect the overall finished floor.

    How long will my floor last?

    No other flooring option last longer than polished concrete and the easiest maintenance protocols. Polished concrete can last beyond a lifetime. With infrequent buffing, the shine will always be maintained. 

    What is the most popular finish?

    Salt and pepper and cream finish are the most popular polished concrete finishes 
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